Marketing and IT

IT and Marketing services for companies in FoodTech and in the Gig economy

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    E-shop development

    We’ve built IT platforms that are interconnected via our client’s systems to synchronise with their onboarding processes and we also provide the payment, delivery (fulfillment) and support functions as part of the operations of our e-commerce solution.
    Besides saving plenty of working hours and costs for our clients, this model also helped us to gain strong experience in forecasting and managing stocks for plenty of SKUs on multiple markets. 

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    Curier / Client Engagement strategic marketing

    Our goal is to act like an extension of our clients’ organisations, to understand their problems, their strategy and their markets. We always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and understand what they are looking for in the solution they are seeking, and strive to provide a number of possible options to them.
    Our team has expertise working in operations management at a food delivery giant. Our management has been in the shoes of our clients for multiple years and knows exactly how to serve their needs, whether it’s a last minute warehousing requirement, an urgent shipment for a city/country launch, or a new design request for a marketing event.