Becoming Greener

Becoming Greener

In the past few years, we experienced a positive change in attitude towards sustainability. Not only civil organisations but multinational companies have taken measures to decrease their carbon footprint by using reusable and eco-friendly products, reducing waste and also drawing people’s attention to sustainability.

Sustainability. A very complex field.

Definition: Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

What does it mean in practice? How can companies be more sustainable?

The first step a company can take is to review its operations and implement different strategies towards sustainability.

At Wear Your Brand we attach great importance to sustainability. Continuously improving our operations is a daily business and so is researching and implementing new, environmentally sustainable processes.

Wear Your Brand is committed to ESG strategy and its adoption to daily processes. Following ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) strategy and complying with its guidelines means business stability to support long-term goals and company growth.

Caring about the environment by reducing emissions and carbon footprint is one part of the long-term goals we set out to achieve.

Biofuel vessels

As one of the biggest parts of our operations is logistics, recently we did comprehensive research on alternative shipping methods to reduce the carbon footprint of our services.

On average, shipping a container from China to Europe causes 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. However, shipping with vessels, that use biofuel, these emissions can be reduced by more than 50%.

The use of biofuel is currently one of the most efficient ways of avoiding carbon emissions.

The following chart shows our last 4 shipments, from which we used biofuel vessels for the last 2.

The significant reduction of CO2 emissions by biofuel vessels greatly impacts our sustainability measures and strategies and Wear Your Brand is dedicated to continuing the use of these types of transporting in the future.

Working with suppliers like Wear Your Brand, which takes sustainability seriously, means joining efforts, therefore, achieving goals faster.

If suppliers are acting on sustainable practices proactively and are in their daily business, companies can also reduce their carbon footprint easier and build social and environmental responsibility into operations.

In line with the ESG strategy, we are defining, pursuing and achieving sustainability goals in order to generate value that we transfer to our clients. 

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Author: Peter Nagy, Partnerships Specialist