Boosting brand perception = boosting revenue

Boosting brand perception = boosting revenue

Author: Péter Nagy, Partnerships specialist

Previously, we elaborated on the correlation between brand awareness and brand perception that we investigated in our recent market research.

The increased brand visibility results in a higher level of brand awareness.

Boosted brand awareness increases positive brand perception and customer experience.

The connection between the two factors is powerful and plays an important role in the company’s revenue. 


Better service leads to more orders.

In our market research, we were looking for the answer to the following hypothesis: “Increased brand visibility and positive brand perception incentivise customers to order from that company.”

Answers showed that noticing significantly more couriers in their neighbourhood makes people more inclined to order from that company. 

The reason behind this is that higher brand visibility facilitates people to choose which platform to order from as brand visibility boosts brand awareness.

65% of all respondents claimed to order next time from a company that’s couriers are seen on the streets more.

Noticing more couriers from a given company suggests quicker deliveries.

Besides the fact that boosted brand visibility draws people’s attention and willingness to order, the most important factor is to receive the food in the most perfect condition possible.

Therefore it is inevitable that the equipment the courier uses is of high quality. 

To the question ‘How would you feel about a food delivery company that consistently provides its riders with high-quality equipment to deliver your food?’ the typical answers showed that proper equipment keeps the quality of the food as well as ensures safety for the courier.

86% of the answerers would consider ordering in the future from a company that consistently provides its couriers with high-quality equipment.

If the customer experience increases, the brand perception is also more positive.

A professional look makes people inclined to choose the platform with couriers of high-quality equipment when it comes to food ordering.

Seeking for better customer experience results in growth in revenue. High-quality equipment is one of the elements of customer experience.

It is worth gearing up the couriers!