Brand Awareness - The Role of the Couriers

Brand Awareness - The Role of the Couriers

Author: Peter Nagy, Partnerships Specialist

In the next couple of weeks, I will share some interesting insights regarding our most recent market research which we conducted among 500 randomly chosen people with a well-established 3rd party market research company, Zinklar.

In the study, we wanted to investigate the correlation between brand awareness, brand perception and added revenue. 

We previously shared the importance of branded gear in our previous email and its impact on brand awareness and brand perception.

But what do customers say? What do they think of the food delivery companies they see daily on the streets, on billboards, and on TV?

Does more visibility mean better brand perception?

The crucial role of the couriers.

Our questionnaire focused on the top-of-mind brand awareness of consumers and their perceptions and behaviour.

Answers showed that the main platform where people come across delivery brands is the couriers on the street.

35% of all respondents stated that they spot the most brandings on the couriers’ equipment.

Classic forms of advertising like billboards, TV and radio commercials or posters on public transport are performing worse when it comes to general top-of-mind brand awareness.

The more couriers use branded equipment, the higher the brand visibility is. The increased visibility results in a higher level of brand awareness which leads directly to market advantage. 

The branded equipment (delivery bag, jacket, etc.) being a moving advertisement helps people identify brands and raise top-of-mind brand awareness. (not to mention the cost per visibility, delivery bags are the most cost-effective advertising methods)

The increased brand awareness boosts the brand perception of the customers.

As per the responses, when people see more couriers from a given company their perception of the company becomes more positive because more couriers suggest faster deliveries and a larger choice of restaurants, based on the research findings.

Brand perception is strongly connected to customer experience.

When ordering food, one of the most important factors is that the condition of the food remains as best as possible during delivery.

If the company pays attention to delivery and working conditions the customer experience is better, further improving positive brand perception.


Boosted brand awareness increases positive brand perception. The key to market advantage is popularity. 

Boost visibility!

Author: Peter Nagy, Partnerships Specialist