Couriers’ Choice

Couriers’ Choice

Author: Peter Nagy, Partnerships Specialist

Previously we elaborated on the importance of supporting the couriers with different types of communication, topics of their interest, and equipment that are really handy for daily business.Industry best practices show, that educational videos and regular events are welcomed by the couriers where they could get informational and equipment support for their work.

When it comes to the main tool of delivery, the backpack, what do they say?

Courier bag preferences

We are continuously monitoring the market and asking couriers for their opinion and feedback on the delivery bag they use. 

To be able to improve our products it is essential to understand the preferences of those who are using them on a daily basis.

When it comes to top priorities, there is no question, the following aspects are mentioned:

  • Proper insulation
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Besides the top priorities that were pointed out as essentials, the following aspects are the top five when choosing a bag:

The answers regarding colour showed, that besides the black bags, which give the courier opportunity to work for multiple platforms with an unbranded bag, the clearly recognisable brand colours are also liked among them, as they provide better visibility and a professional look.

As the ease of use is another factor that is mentioned regularly, it is important to understand what features are making the usage of the delivery bag easier and more convenient.

Having side pockets on the bag and the top opening function is indicated as the most liked feature on delivery bags.

The side pocket is really helpful for storing belongings, like a phone charger, or a water bottle, while the top opening makes it easy to pack orders in the bag not just from the front but from the top as well.

In the optional comment field cup holders were highlighted, as the importance of keeping the orders safe during delivery. 

The perfect delivery bag is always a topic of conversation among couriers.

They will always choose a bag that is durable, comfortable and has all the features that make handling and delivering orders easy and smooth.

On Wear Your Brand’s side, we are continuously monitoring the markets to understand couriers’ feedback and work circumstances so we can improve their delivery experience with the best working tools.

Couriers’ preferences can vary from market to market so it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of market specifics and courier behaviour.