The Power of Customer Feedback In The On-Demand Delivery Sector

The Power of Customer Feedback In The On-Demand Delivery Sector

Author: Péter Nagy, Partnerships Specialist

If your customer journey ends at the checkout page, you are missing the opportunity to gain the most important insights and knowledge to improve the customer experience and the product scale.

Without feedback there is no improvement.

Why is it important to follow-up on the couriers after they received their work equipment?

The couriers’ feedback is essential to be able to improve services and products, such as webshop user interface (UI) and physical products.

Gathering continuous feedback from couriers can help in understanding their needs and opinion about the equipment they are using.

On one side we can gain knowledge about how the webshop purchasing process is experienced by the customers, how quickly and easily they navigate through the product selection and checkout process.

If the steps of this process are clear and smooth, the shopping experience is high, and the customers will more likely to come back to the webshop.

The tools of the follow-up

The number one tools for gathering feedback are the surveys. 

Either couriers purchase their delivery backpacks or receive it for free, it is really important to follow-up on their experience even starting with filing the courier application form.

At Wear Your Brand we are continuously and regularly running surveys among couriers.

One of our most important surveys is the post-purchase survey, where we ask the couriers about their shopping experience and their feedback on their delivery equipment.

With targeted questions, we can gain loads of information even with a short survey about the whole customer journey and we can identify rooms for improvement and future opportunities.

On the other side, the personal meetings are essential for understanding the context of the feedback of the couriers, and learn to circumstances of their work.

Recently we conducted a focus group discussion with couriers. Our main focus was to have a deeper look in their job and how they utilize their work equipment, what are their concerns, challenges and needs. 

How to utilize feedback

If we understand the shopping experience we can:

  • Identify Pain Points: Feedback can highlight areas of friction or frustration in the shopping process. By identifying pain points, you can take steps to improve the user experience, streamline processes, and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Improve Products and Services: Customer feedback can provide insights into product quality, availability, and selection. It can also help you refine your customer service and support, leading to a better overall shopping experience. As the couriers are the ones using the food delivery bags, their feedback worths gold when it comes to product development and improvement.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Understanding your customers' needs and preferences allows you to stay competitive. You can adapt your products and services to meet or exceed customer expectations, differentiating your product from competitors. 
  • Optimize Conversion Rate: Feedback can reveal why visitors may not be converting into customers. Whether it's issues with pricing, checkout processes, or product descriptions, this information is valuable for optimizing your website to increase conversions.
    Conversion rate can also be improved by having larger selection of products on the webshop. This information can also be gathered from the customers, what other products would they be interested in.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Customer feedback provides valuable data that can inform decision-making. By analyzing feedback trends and patterns, you can make informed choices about website improvements, marketing strategies, and product offerings, like bundles, promotions and campaigns.
  • Improve Continuously: The e-commerce landscape is dynamic, with evolving customer expectations and technologies. Regular feedback allows you to adapt and evolve your webshop to stay relevant and meet changing demands.

In conclusion, gathering feedback from customers is an indispensable practice. By utilizing surveys, interviews, and various feedback channels, businesses can enhance their offerings, products and services and stay competitive.

If you are interested in enhancing your customer experience or interested in more insights, feel free to reach out to us!