The Triangle of Bag Development

The Triangle of Bag Development

Author: Alexia Nolli, Senior Product Development Specialist.

How do we create delivery bags that are courier-focused and at the same time meeting the needs of food delivery companies and the end-customers who order from the food delivery platforms? 

Let’s start from the beginning.

Food Delivery Companies, Customers and Riders

On one side we have the Food Delivery Companies, such as Uber Eats, Delivery Hero, Bolt Food, you name it. 

Their focus is on: 

On the other side we have the Customers of the food delivery apps, who are expecting their orders to arrive in the best possible condition.

Finally, we have our product users, the Delivery Riders

Food delivery couriers are facing different situations:

  • Using different types of vehicles: Cars, scooters, bikes, motorcycles.
  • Delivering in different countries which have diverse climate conditions.

Their bag should comply with the following functionalities:

  • Carrying and keeping the right temperature of hot and cold items: insulation.
  • Protecting the orders from rain and snow: waterproof materials.
  • Protecting the courier on the streets: reflectiveness.
  • Having resistant materials for heavy wear and tear is a must-have: durability.

How can we connect the requirements of the 3 different parties in one single product?

With the use of the Triangle of Bag Development.

We developed multiple food delivery bags, so we can suit different needs. Let's see a few!

Telescopic Cubic Bags offer the ingenious ability to be expanded and to accommodate meals of various sizes on demand. Furthermore, they have a bottom attachment that is designed to provide support for motorbike delivery. Complementing these, streamlined Car Bags exhibit a minimalistic design for effortless transportation for delivery drivers. The size of the adaptive Rolltop Bags can be easily adjusted from the top based on the volume of orders received, ensuring optimal space utilization for grocery delivery. 

To bring these bags to life, prior to starting the production, it is imperative to adhere to these standardized steps:

  • Get to know our Product Users and collect feedback

At Wear Your Brand we're obsessed with our product users - the couriers who rely on our delivery gear day in and day out. We're constantly in touch with them through surveys, focus groups, and other methods to understand their needs and how we can further improve our solutions.

  • Continuous Research and Development

We are researching the market on a regular basis and keep learning about the latest materials and best practices. We are also focusing on climate-friendly alternatives.

  • Testing, Testing and more Testing

We develop several samples until a product goes into production, these different test products are called Prototypes. 

At Wear Your Brand, we embrace innovation. 

How? WYB’s Survey Team, our internal team of food delivery gear experts, acquires user insights via tailored surveys, one-on-one courier interviews, and focus groups. 

Join us today in shaping the future of delivery gear.

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